No Days Wasted is our go-to brand for scientifically-backed, functional supplements that help you maximize life's moments. You can celebrate with a night out and not regret it in the morning with their DHM Detox or boost your overall wellness routine with their full lineup of supplements including hydration, Vitamin D gummies, and Immune Support gummies.

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Is there anything better than protein brownies? With 10+ flavors to choose from, your sweet tooth cravings can always be satisfied. Alpha Prime also has some of the most effective and best tasting supplements. Their Cinnamon Toast protein is a team favorite and a great addition to your routine.

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Get a delicious clean boost of energy to power you through those long days with Verb Energy’s bars. With their lighter snack bar for quick fuel or their protein bar for those of you putting on some gains, Verb gives you a tasty way to keep your energy levels up and not kill your macros.

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When you need your hygiene products to go as hard as your workouts, Dirty Bird has you covered. Their bar soaps, body washes, and bath soaks are a must have in every bathroom and the use of clean ingredients makes these soaps a team favorite. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it!

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We love to start our morning with some caffeine, and we love Super Coffee to do so for the added 10g of protein without any of the added sugar. With under 100 calories in a bottle, it’s a great jump start for your day that you can feel good about.

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NOVEMber 2023

Value of NOVEMber Lift box

Total value for NOVEMber: $74.65

Earn Your Rest Tee

Value: $28

Barebells Protein Bar

Value: $2.40

Dirty Bird Body Wash

Value: $9.00

PeaTos Onion Rings

Value Of: $2.33

DHM Detox

Value: $6.80

Verb Energy Bar

Value: $1.80

Hydration Samples

Value: $5.00

Super Coffee Drink

Value: $2.99

Protein Brownie

Value: $3.33

Cost of Box & Shipping

Value: $13.00

*These prices are taken directly from the brands websites and do not factor in what it would cost to buy an entire pack of something or the cost to ship each item individually.

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