Jocko Fuel has all of your supplement needs covered from protein to hydration to greens. You can be sure when you’re getting after it you’ve got the cleanest fuel available. Be sure to stock up on their brand new ready to drink hydration bottles -- all 4 flavors are worth a try!

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Bonk Breakers delivers everything you need to get through a day of an active lifestyle whether you choose their energy chews or one of their bars, you know you’re setting yourself up for success. Choose from protein, energy, and even plant-based options and stock up!

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Is there anything better than a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie that packs 10G of protein? We don’t think so either. Stock up on Forzagen’s delicious protein cookies and keep your pantry stocked at all times.

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Zee Zee’s is the definition of “snacks for the whole family” and is known for their nut-free and allergy-friendly options. A couple of our team favorites include the kettle corn flavored roasted chickpeas and their blueberry lemon nutrition bar but you really can’t go wrong with any of their snacks!

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Up your hydration game with Bobelo's bubbly all-natural magic. Their self-carbonating drink mixes are zero-sugar and great for staying hydrated throughout your day. Choose from the energy mixes for the added benefit of caffeine and get the extra pick-me-up without adding any calories.

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The protein bites from GFB are some of the freshest and most delicious snacks we’ve ever featured. With nothing artificial and no preservatives, you can be confident you’re eating real food that’s going to power you through your day.

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Skin protection is no joke which is why choose Aloe Up for year round coverage. Their premium aloe-based lotions leave your skin fresh with no sticky or greasy residue left behind. Their sport collection has the best active lifestyle products and are even water resistant for 80 minutes!

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When a healthy snack bar company has been around for over 30 years, there’s a reason! These bars are made with REAL food and whole ingredients. They’re great for consuming pre or post workout and pack as much potassium as a small banana! Add these to you snack rotation, ASAP.

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This mom-founded snack brand makes incredibly delicious gluten-free snacks. From Tosi’s meal bars to snack bars they have the perfect option for any time of your day to get some clean fuel. We highly recommend trying their Discovery Pack to find your favorite flavor and bar type that works best for you.

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A delicious bar with only 1G of sugar, what’s there not to be excited about? Munk Pack offers some of the most macro friendly bars we’ve ever featured and with over 10 flavor options you’ll never be bored choosing one for a snack.

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Supercharge your wellness routine with Fungies’ functional mushroom gummies that taste like fruit snacks. Whether you could use some extra energy, improved mood, extra focus, or even better sleep, there’s a mushroom gummy that can help. Add Fungies to your daily routine and you’ll notice the edge they give you!

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One of our longest standing partners and favorite supplement brands! EVL can cover your entire supplement stack and fuel your gains in the gym. BCAA Energy + Electrolytes is one of our favorite products to sip on during the day to keep our hydration and recovery game going at all times. Best part? EVL’s has great supplements that are affordable on any budget.

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We’re not sure how Kudo packed so much protein into popcorn but we are BIG fans. This is truly guilt-free snacking and with three flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone. If you can’t decide on a flavor, we recommend their variety pack. You will not be disappointed.

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If you're one of the rare individuals who survives without coffee, congrats. For the rest of us, there's Mr. Espresso! Founded nearly 50 years ago by an Italian immigrant, these guys know coffee and take zero shortcuts. Ditch the Folgers and upgrade your coffee routine.

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June 2024

Value of JUNE Lift box

Total value for JUNE: $64.98

All Gas No Brakes

Value: $28

GHOST Supp Samples

Value: $2.49

Aloe Up Sun Care Products

Value: $9.50

Bobelo Sample Sticks

Value Of: $2.28

Forzagen Protein Cookie

Value: $1.90

Jocko Fuel Drink

VALUE: $2.79

Bonk Breaker Bar

Value: $2.75

GFB Protein Bites

VALUE: $1.11

ZeeZee's Grahamz

Value: $1.16

Cost of Box & Shipping

VALUE: $13.00

*These prices are taken directly from the brands websites and do not factor in what it would cost to buy an entire pack of something or the cost to ship each item individually.

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