Featuring unique flavors like Angel Food Cake, Buttery Blend, Mocha Java Chip, and more, Devotion Nutrition produces high-quality products backed by third-party testing. They claim their protein powder is the best around for baking savory dishes, suggesting it’s perfect for making fluffy pancakes, delicious protein treats, and more. Devotion’s products achieve results and that is why their community has put their trust in them for nearly a decade.

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Snack time has never been more delicious! KiZE bars are made in-house (starting with the nut butter) with tender love and care to provide the highest quality, best tasting product. All of their products are made with only 5-10 ingredients, packed with clean protein, and have a smooth, delicious taste. But the best part about KiZE bars is each purchase supports their efforts feeding the hungry, serving our homeless neighbors, supporting at-risk youth, and more.

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Snacking shouldn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. That’s why, at KUDO, they’re committed to transforming the greatest, ordinary snack into something incredibly delicious and loaded with protein. Their protein popcorn uses whey protein isolate, is made in the USA using 100% whole grain Nebraska kernels, and contains no preservatives or artificial flavors. Grab a few bags today before this deal goes away!

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The Purus Protein Crispy Treat is now even better thanks to a completely revamped formula for better taste, better texture, and better ingredients. With a protein-packed rice cereal base and delicious marshmallow combined with superior flavor, their Protein Crispy Treat fulfills both the needs of the taste buds and the body to the last bite. But that’s not all! Purus Labs has a full lineup of high-quality supplements you probably didn’t even know about. Check them out today!

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Bravo Sierra began in 2019 with a simple mission: to provide personal care for the most active lifestyles. They designed and field-tested their products with some of the toughest and hardest workers out there: The US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment’s 2nd Battalion. Using Bravo Sierra’s products in some of the most demanding conditions on the planet, their feedback became the foundation. And perhaps best of all, they give back a portion of sales to support the well being of military families and veterans.

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JiMMYBAR! is the creator of Bars With Benefits, meaning great tasting high protein and low sugar bars with functional ingredients like immune boosting fruit, collagen, turmeric, guarana caffeine, and keto-friendly nuts. In a crowded and popular snack category, JiMMYBAR! has built a protein bar that leaves people wanting another.

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MARCH 2024

Value of MARCH Lift box

Total value for MARCH: $84.60

Brick By Brick Tee

Value: $28

Purus Labs Protein Crispy

Value: $2.49

Bravo Sierra Deodorant

Value: $16.50

JiMMYBAR! Protein Bar

Value Of: $2.49

Devotion Nutrition Protein Samples

Value: $9.99

KUDO Snacks

Value: $2.99

Devotion Nutrition Hydration Samples

Value: $3.66

GHOST Hydration Drink

Value: $2.99

KiZE Concepts Protein Bar

Value: $2.49

Cost of Box & Shipping

Value: $13.00

*These prices are taken directly from the brands websites and do not factor in what it would cost to buy an entire pack of something or the cost to ship each item individually.

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