Jocko Willink’s No BS Approach to Health 

The retired Navy SEAL, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur has no time for fads and fluff. 

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June 18, 2024

There’s a lot of BS in the health and fitness industry. From filler ingredients to influencers promoting downright dangerous workouts and trends, no matter where you turn, it can sometimes seem like you always need to double – even triple–check the information you’re consuming. 

And while it’s never a bad idea to research before trying a new supplement, workout, or product, sometimes you just want to know you’re getting good, trustworthy information. When that’s the case, we’ve got just the guy for you to turn to: Jocko Willink. 

The man behind the brand 

Whether you’re new to the world of fitness or you’ve been here for a while, chances are you’ve heard the name “Jocko Willink,” or stumbled upon his brand, JOCKO FUEL, at some point. From the Jocko Podcast to his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, his best-selling book, and his social media presence, it’s hard to miss coming across this retired U.S. Navy SEAL – and for good reason: Willink doesn’t sell fluff. Literally and figuratively. 

The co-founder of JOCKO FUEL has previously noted that he would only get into the supplement game if he could make his supplements as clean as possible. And while many brands claim to be “clean,” and end up being anything but, Willink really means it. 

Photos courtesy of Jocko Willink

“For me, “clean” means making everything as healthy and natural as possible. For example, we don’t use artificial sweeteners. We’ve created a blend of monk fruit, allulose, and Reb-M (which is fermented cane sugar) to sweeten our products. No sucralose, aspartame, or acesulfame potassium,” Willink explains. 

This commitment to purity and truly healthy ingredients can be found across all of JOCKO’s products. “If you look at our Hydration Drink, it’s clear. That’s because we don’t use any artificial coloring or food dyes. We pasteurize our drinks, alleviating all preservatives. This is our standard across everything we make. That’s why we call it CLEAN FUEL,” says Willink. 

One piece of the pie

While you might’ve heard of the entrepreneur thanks to JOCKO FUEL, Willink has also become a household name by documenting his early mornings and days packed with physical activity. However, the retired Navy SEAL is quick to note that there’s more to being healthy than just moving your body often. 

“There is definitely more to being healthy than just exercise, although for me, exercise is the cornerstone of health,” Willink says, noting that in addition to exercise, “rest and recovery are also important.” 

“If you are overworked, overtrained, or overstressed, your health will take a hit over time. Trying to have a routine sleep schedule is important,” says Willink, who’s known for his superhuman sleep schedule of going to bed at 11 pm and waking up every day at 4:30 am.  

While this slightly insane sleep schedule isn’t for everyone, Willink stresses that good sleep hygiene is key whether you need five hours of sleep or ten. “Make sure you aren’t staring at a screen before bed. Get up at the same time every day. Sleep requires discipline – and so does nutrition,” says the JOCKO Fuel co-founder. 

“Getting the right fuel to perform and then the right fuel to recover is critical. If you sleep like junk and eat junk, you will feel like junk. Don’t let it happen,” Willink stresses, highlighting the multiple avenues he employs to stay healthy all around. 

Fueling Jocko 

Okay, so it’s clear that Willink takes his rest, recovery, and nutrition seriously. But what exactly is fueling Jocko? Well, mainly JOCKO FUEL, of course.

“If I could only have three [JOCKO FUEL] products, they would be Joint Warfare, Mõlk Protein, and Jocko Greens,” the brand’s co-founder says. “I use them every day, and they are like my minimum requirement,” he continues, explaining that he consumes far more than just three of his own supplements each day

“My all-time favorite JOCKO FUEL product is probably the one where it all started: Mint Chocolate Mõlk Protein Powder. It tastes like dessert, and gives me clean protein I need to build strong muscle.” 

In addition to the supplements he consumes, Willink also says he’s fueled by his desire to “try and help people become stronger, faster, smarter, better humans.” 

“I’m very lucky to be here. We all are. Life is a gift. Losing friends in combat makes that crystal clear to anyone who has served. I know there are a lot of people out there who I can help out by passing on some of the lessons I’ve learned and showing them The Path of Discipline and Freedom. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I didn’t work hard to try and help people. So I will keep getting after it,” he says of what keeps him motivated and his plans for the future. 

There are a lot of health and wellness personalities out there who’ll try to sell you some hi-tech products, complex workout plans, and supplements you don’t really need. But with Willink, you can rest assured you’ll always get the truth – plain and simple – no excuses. Prioritize sleep, fuel your body with clean ingredients, engage in plenty of physical activity, and of course, find what fuels you, both in and out of the gym. 

Want more from Jocko Willink? Shop his lineup of favorite products and checkout his podcast, upcoming events, and leadership training here

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