10 Items That’ll Transform Your Workouts

Give your lifts a boost with these hand-picked products. 

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August 29, 2023

Getting started on your fitness journey requires dedication, consistency, and the right tools to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, having the right workout equipment can make a significant difference in the effectiveness and enjoyment of your fitness routine. From the right lifting straps to simple yet impactful gear, here are 10 items that have the potential to transform your workouts and take your fitness goals to the next level. 

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JerkFit Death Grips Premium Lifting Straps 

Once you lift with JerkFit’s incredibly grippy lifting straps, you’ll never go back. Death Grips are made from car tire-grade PVC rubber and are ergonomically designed to ensure no dig-in spots and a pain-free hold. It’s great that they’re comfortable, but what I really love is that they take 80 percent of the strain off your forearms so you’re able to crush every last rep without worrying about your grip strength holding you back. From deadlifts to shrugs and pull-downs, you’ll be amazed at how much more your body is capable of when you start lifting with these straps. 

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JBL Endurance Peak 3 True Wireless Headphones 

There’s nothing worse than having to repeatedly stop your workout to fix your earbuds. Especially if you have small ears like me, you’ve probably noticed that most earbuds don’t fit right, are always falling out, or don’t seal correctly. After searching for the perfect pair of earbuds, JBL’s Endurance Peak 3 in-ear headphones have moved to the top of my list. Yes, there are more premiere options out there, but I don’t love spending $200+ every time I want to try a new pair of headphones. At $90, these are fairly priced, offer an over-the-ear hook to keep them secure and have great sound whether I’m on a walk or at the gym.

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Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine

Ditch that mid-workout energy dip with Transparent Labs’ BCAA Glutamine. Formulated with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives, these gluten-free branch chains are great for sipping before, during, or immediately after a workout to keep your body fueled and performing optimally. 

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Hyperice Hypervolt Go 

It’s hard to have a great workout when your body is sore, tired, and stiff. This percussive massage gun from Hypervolt helps keep them loosened up and ready to crush your next workout. 

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WHOOP Wearable 

WHOOP’s wearable technology allows you to track your sleep, strain, recovery, stress, and health. It then translates that information into personalized coaching and recommendations to help you optimize your training and performance. Though it is a little pricey, it comes with a 30-day free trial so you can give it a shot before making any commitments. 

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YETI 36oz Rambler Water Bottle

Have you ever tried working out while being dehydrated? Yeah, it’s bad. YETI’s Rambler will help you keep your body hydrated as you go from home to work to the gym. Add the Straw Cap to easily hydrate without needing to unscrew a cap for every sip. 

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BOSU The Original Balance Trainer

Most of us hit the gym to train those big muscles with lifts like deadlifts, squats, and presses. But what about all those little muscles? By using a BOSU Ball, you can give your stabilizing muscles a real challenge. This then translates into better balance and stronger lifts when you go back to hitting those big compound movements. 

Image credit: REI

Pro-Tec Athletics Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, like the BOSU, may seem simple, but they can make a big difference. Use them during a Pilates workout or on their own to target those often overlooked muscles. You’ll be amazed at how much these movements can help straighten your core, hip flexors, and lower back – spots that frequently trouble many lifters. 

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Bose SoundLink Mini II

Earbuds are great if you’re at the gym, but if you prefer to work out from home, a Bluetooth speaker can be a game-changer. Fill your home gym with your favorite tunes and watch how much more motivated you become to keep moving.

Image credit: Performix

Performix ION Pre-Workout + Creatine

Pre-workout is the king when it comes to helping transform your workouts. Whether you’re feeling tired, unmotivated, or just dragging from a long day, sometimes all you need is a little scoop of pre-workout to get going. This one from Performix packs 200mg of caffeine with creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, and citrulline malate to give you explosive energy, enhanced focus, and a crazy pump. 

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