8 Fitness Accessories That’ll Help You Raise the Bar on Your Next Lift

Lift harder, heavier, and longer with these hand-picked items from JerkFit.

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August 16, 2023

Every serious lifter knows your progress in the gym depends on more than just your lifts alone. It also depends on your diet, your sleep, your supplement routine, and the equipment you use to help push you to your maximum potential. 

If you’re serious about crushing your lifts and hitting new PRs, the right tools can make all the difference – which is why we’ve rounded up eight fitness accessories from the highly-rated workout brand, JerkFit. Founded by fitness enthusiast Jeff Hunter and his stuntwoman wife Kristina, JerkFit’s brand centers around creating products that genuinely help lifters and gym junkies push past common issues like ripped hands, weak grip strength, and blisters.

So without further ado, scroll on to see the eight products we think every lifter should add to their gym bag ASAP. 

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1.Death Grips

When your grip strength fatigues (a problem that’s common for a lot of lifters), you rob the muscles you’re actually trying to train from hitting all their reps. 

While improving your grip strength should be on every lifter’s to-do list, let’s get serious: you’re not going to want to wait that long for heavier deadlifts, pull-downs, and shrugs. Instead, ensure your muscles are working to their maximum potential with Death Grips. These premium lifting straps are made with high-quality car-tire-grade rubber that’ll allow you to hold more weight than you ever thought possible. Best of all, they’re padded in all the right places to prevent those painful dig-in points that traditional lifting straps often forget about. 

$55.00 -- use code LIFTBOXAUG for 40% off the retail price!

Image credit: JerkFit

2. WODies

Protect your hands from rips and calluses with WODies, JerkFit’s 2-in-1 glove that provides both palm protection and wrist support. Ideal for Crossfit, calisthenics, weightlifting, and even yoga, these gloves are great for keeping your hands protected, calluses in check, wrists supported, and sweat off the equipment. 

Made with flexible palm material, WODies stay flat whether your hand is open or closed so you can still feel the bar. They’re also washer and dryer safe, compatible with chalk, and absorb sweat so your hands won’t slip. 

$39.95 -- use code LIFTBOXAUG for 15% off your order.

Image credit: JerkFit

3. Nubs

If you’re sick of blowing through expensive athletic tape but still want to protect your fingers from painful blisters, these Nubs sleeves are essential. Perfect for powerlifters, Olympic lifters, and CrossFit athletes who use the “Hook Grip,” these soft and flexible finger sleeves simply slide on and stay firmly in place to help prevent blisters. They’re also great at protecting existing sores and blisters, and we appreciate that they’re completely reusable so you can wear them over and over again. 

$11.95 -- use code LIFTBOXAUG for 15% off your order.

Image credit: JerkFit

4. RAW Grips Version 3.0 

Leather grips are great, but breaking them in can be more work (and pain) than they’re worth. If you hate dealing with stiff, uncomfortable leather grips for weeks while breaking them in, you’re going to want to get your hands on JerkFit’s RAW Grips Version 3.0. Made with custom-treated, ultra-soft, plush, and flexible leather, these grips are completely broken in right out of the package. 

We also love that they cover your entire hand, giving you total protection while increasing the range of motion in your wrists. 

$34.95 -- use code LIFTBOXAUG for 15% off your order. 

Image credit: JerkFit

5. Fly Grips 

Fly around the pull-up rig with these lightweight Fly Grips. Made with 100 percent vegan materials, these grips combine comfort, durability, and grip to ensure you’re able to increase your pull-ups, toes-to-bar, and muscle-ups without ever having to drop off the bar due to rips or blisters. 

$39.95 -- use code LIFTBOXAUG for 15% off your order.

Image credit: JerkFit

6. JerkFit RTB Weight Belt 

There are a lot of different lifting belts out there, so finding the perfect one can be a tall order. Luckily, JerkFit has already done that work for you, spending years toiling with different designs to combine all the best features from all the top belts in the industry. 

What they ended up with is a unique, super lightweight belt made with a double wall of Velcro to ensure your belt never pops off during a crucial lift. The JerkFit RTB belt is also a top choice as it has zero dig-in spots, but all of the support. 

$34.95 -- use code LIFTBOXAUG for 15% off your order. 

Image credit: JerkFit

7. JerkFit Reversible Knee Sleeves 

Similarly to lifting belts, the market is pretty saturated when it comes to knee sleeves. But most of the choices you see online are flimsy, mass-produced options that just won’t give your knees the support they need to elevate your lifts. 

JerkFit’s reversible knee sleeves, on the other hand, are made with the anatomy of the knee in mind. Designed with high-quality 5mm elastic neoprene that won’t tear or run, these sleeves will help you explode out of your lifts, while also helping to protect against injury by keeping your knees and joints warm. They can also be used to provide some extra padding for any knee-to-ground exercises. 

$49.95 -- use code LIFTBOXAUG for 15% off your order.

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8. “Raise the Booty” Kit

There’s no denying we all want a booty we can be proud of, and that means attacking your glutes, hips, legs, and quads from all angles. JerkFit’s “Raise the Booty” Kit is designed to help you do just that. This bundle of three booty bands, a pair of ankle straps, and a handy neck pad for your heaviest squats make building an enviable backside easier than ever, whether you’re working out at home or the gym. 

$57.95 -- use code LIFTBOXAUG for 15% off your order. 

If you’re ready to take your gym game to the next level, upgrade your equipment with these picks from JerkFit, and use code LIFTBOXAUG to save 15% on the items mentioned above. 

You can also check out JerkFit’s full lineup of products here

This article was created in partnership with JerkFit.  

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