Gym Etiquette Rules: Don’t Be THAT Person!

This article will look at six things you should understand about proper gym etiquette to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

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Staff Writer
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October 18, 2022

Having a gym membership should come with pride. You’re taking the necessary steps to reach your goals and take care of your health. That said, there are a few things you need to know about gym etiquette so that you aren’t the talk of the gym for all the wrong reasons.

This article will look at six things you should understand about proper gym etiquette to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

1. Wipe Down Your Equipment When Done

Working hard in the gym is the name of the game. And when you push your body, you’ll sweat. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that other people don’t want to sit or lay in your sweat. 

When you are done on a machine, clean it and wipe it down with a towel to get it ready for the next member to use. 

2. Put Your Phone Away

Being on your phone is not proper gym etiquette. Not only can it hurt your workout and intensity, but your phone may be distracting to everyone else around you. Keep your business and personal conversations until after your workouts. 

If you carry your phone around to listen to music, that’s one thing, but keep it in your pocket. Walking around the gym while talking on your phone and holding up equipment because you’re texting with friends is frowned upon.

3. Be Sure to Put Your Weights Back

Proper gym etiquette means putting your weights away when you’re done. Put all dumbbells back in their respective location, take the weights off the bar or machine you’re using, and put them back on the weight tree. 

It’s disrespectful to load up a machine or bar and then walk away, leaving all those plates or dumbbells there for the next person to deal with. Be a good patron and put your weights back.

4. Don’t Hog Up the Equipment

If you enjoy workouts where you complete a circuit of moving from one machine to the next, be mindful of the people around you. Hogging up multiple machines to suit your workout may not be conducive to others working out around you. 

Hitting a workout during the busy hours of the day is not ideal for completing a circuit. When the gym is somewhat empty, go ahead and complete your circuit but still be mindful of others and their workouts.

5. Proper Hygiene Matters

An unwritten gym etiquette rule is proper hygiene. It’s never a comfortable conversation, but be sure to wear the appropriate attire and use deodorant when at the gym.

Working hard and sweating are tell-tale signs of a good workout. Having everyone know you’re there due to the smell is another. Be sure you are clean and hygienic when going to the gym.

6. Cover Yourself in the Locker Room

Last but certainly not least when it comes to gym etiquette is the locker room. Sure, people get undressed there, but that doesn’t mean you can walk around in your birthday suit for everyone to witness. 

When in the locker room, proper gym etiquette means taking care of what you need to and covering yourself with a towel. Additionally, it’s not appropriate to use amenities such as the sauna or steam room without a towel or some article of clothing to cover yourself up.

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