NoCo’s Lifting Belt Will Help You Break PRs in Style

Upgrade your gym gear and your lifts with this stylish & functional belt.

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December 7, 2022

Lifting belts… you’ve probably seen them at the gym. Heck, you may even use one yourself. But you’ve never seen or experienced anything like the NoCo Lifting Belt. When function and innovation meet, you get the most advanced lifting belt on the market, and that’s exactly what No Conformity Co has created. 

Whether you’re looking to lift safely, boost your strength and stability during heavy lifts, or help protect a weak back or spine, this belt can be a huge help. But not all lifting belts are created equal, so let’s dive into some of the benefits of using one, as well as what sets NoCo’s belt apart from everything else in the industry. 

Why Would You Need a Lifting Belt?

While a lifting belt may not be for everyone, they definitely serve a purpose. There are two main reasons why someone may want to use a lifting belt: 

  1. To reduce the stress put on the lower back and spine while lifting
  2. To prevent the back from hyperextending during overhead lifts and improve body biomechanics

So, what exactly does this mean? It’s simple when you think about how your body reacts to heavy lifting. First and foremost, you always want to ensure you are using proper form during lifts. If you’re unsure if your form is correct, ask a certified personal trainer or fitness coach to take a look at your technique. 

When you are doing heavy compound movements like the squat, deadlift, or military press, you’re putting your lower back in some compromising positions. If your core isn’t tight and secure, the sound you may hear could resemble that cereal you grew up with called Rice Krispies, where all you hear is *SNAP *CRACKLE *POP. That’s not exactly a sound you want to hear when it comes to your lower back and spine, especially in the middle of a big lift. 

Luckily, a lifting belt can be a lifesaver when it comes to preventing lower back injuries – but the right lifting belt does more than just prevent injury. Lifting belts can also help you experience an increase in strength, stability and power, which can in turn lead to an increase in muscle growth. 

Now lifting belts are great and have a ton of benefits when used correctly, but to really get the most out of your belt, it’s important to choose one that combines functionality, safety, and of course, aesthetics. That’s why our current favorite belt is the NoCo Lifting Belt. 

What Makes the NoCo Lifting Belt Unique?

Now for the million-dollar question – why use a NoCo Lifting Belt? 

For starters, the NoCo Lifting Belt looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the market. With bold zig-zag stitching, a laser-etched logo, and an aluminum CNC'ed buckle, the NoCo Lifting Belt is super stylish and brings next-gen functionality to your workout while helping peak your performance. You wear the latest sneakers and trendiest workout apparel in the gym, so why not use a lifting belt that also matches your unique style? 

Photo courtesy of No Conformity

Available in four different color combinations (Urban Army, Off Grid, Voltage and Icon), this lifting belt is far from the typical boring and bland belts that you’re used to. Inspired by “dope” sneakers and streetwear, NoCo’s lifting belt is perfect if you can’t stand those standard one-size-fits all gym accessories. 

Not only is this belt aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also extremely comfortable. The belt’s contoured design sits perfectly between your ribs and hip bones, providing all the support with none of the discomfort of typical belts. 

Other than the eye-catching style and comfort, one of the most unique features of the NoCo Lifting Belt is the Ab Plate. The innovative Ab Plate helps:

  • Distribute the pressure evenly throughout your entire core 
  • Provide much-needed (and often ignored) front support for the core
  • Provide a surface for your abs to push against, which relieves the pressure off the spine 
  • Double as a track to hold the belt in place while you easily and quickly adjust the tightness. 
  • Prevent the buckle from digging into you and being uncomfortable

Unlike traditional lifting belts that only support your lower back (with a plastic insert), the NoCo Lifting Belt provides you with a truly unique 360-degree support system that helps to reduce your chances of getting hurt during a big lift. 

From style to performance, the NoCo Lifting Belt is where utility meets self-expression. It’s time to stop wearing a lifting belt that looks (and feels) like it was designed in the 1800s, and upgrade to a belt that’s going to help you hit your next PR in style. 

So whether you’re new to using a belt or have been using one for years, the NoCo Lifting Belt is a solid choice for anyone looking to prevent injuries, increase strength and stability, and look sick in the gym. 

For being a reader of Headlines Over Sidelines, we’re going to hook you up with a 20% discount to grab yourself a NoCo Lifting Belt. Simply use the code NOCOHOS at checkout to save. 

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