Peloton Bike Plus vs Peloton Bike: What’s the difference?

Wondering which Peloton is right for you? Here’s our rundown of Peloton and Peloton Plus.

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May 31, 2023

Peloton has become a household name in recent years, with the company offering a great way to get into a cardio routine that fits into your busy schedule - whether you’re a parent with limited time, or work a job that makes joining a gym difficult.

It’s a great product, but the arrival of Peloton Plus (or Peloton Bike Plus, to use its official term), is likely to confuse many - and is likely why you’re here.

From the difference in price to the features available on each, here’s our rundown of Peloton Plus vs Peloton.

Peloton Bike Plus vs Peloton Bike: Price

Peloton has gained significant market share for the flexibility of its payment options, and the same applies between the Bike Plus and Bike options.

The basic Peloton Bike will set you back $1,445, a considerable investment. The Bike Plus, however, is considerably more again, with a price tag of $2,495.

Bundles can add extras like cycling shoes, dumbbells and a bike mat, but whatever your decision there are financing options available to spread the cost.

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Peloton Bike Plus vs Peloton Bike: Features

So, what makes the Peloton Bike Plus worth just over a grand more than the base version? If you believe Peloton’s website, the big focus is on a full-body workout instead of just the bike.

To that end, the screen on the Bike Plus flips to different angles so you can track weight exercises, stretches, and just about anything else you’re watching unfold in one of the company’s many classes. The Plus version of the screen is also larger at 23.8 inches instead of 21.1, and the speakers are clearer.

That’s not telling the entire story, however – there’s much more to separate the two products, but your mileage will vary depending on which is of interest to you.

These differences range from the minuscule (Bluetooth 4 vs Bluetooth 5 is unlikely to matter unless you’re going for a wander to another room mid-workout) to “nice to have” features like an 8MP on the Peloton Bike Plus over the 5MP on the Peloton Bike (don’t worry, these only broadcast to your friends in joint classes - and you can turn them off).

In fact, the biggest new feature is arguably one that’s focused on wearable users. While you can track your progress, calories burned, and more within Peloton’s class interface on the screen, connecting your compatible tracker (such as an Apple Watch) will allow users to track heart rate during the workout - including zones.

Peloton Bike Plus vs Peloton Bike: Should you buy Peloton Plus?

Ultimately, your decision between each of Peloton’s options will come down to your budget and requirements.

If you want to engage in full-body workouts without being constrained by the Peloton Bike’s display being locked in place, you may find springing for the Bike Plus worth it for your workouts.

If you’re strictly using the Peloton Bike as, well, a bike, it’s hard to pinpoint a way the Bike Plus drastically upgrades your workout outside of the heart rate device pairing and a bigger screen.

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