Refresh Your Wellness Routine with These 10 Products

From instant coffee protein powder to fresh new kicks, these 10 picks will help you freshen up your fitness faves.

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February 9, 2024

Whether you just need a mid-winter pick-me-up or you’re already getting ready for warmer weather, these 10 picks will help you refresh your wellness routine any time of year.

Image credit: Artisan Tropic

Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips 

Give your snack drawer a spring clean by swapping out those greasy potato chips for clean and crunchy cassava strips from Artisan Tropic. These certified paleo chips are made with only three ingredients and have no nasty preservatives or weird ingredients you can’t pronounce. They’re also Certified Glyphosate Residue Free, so you can enjoy a crunchy, salty snack with peace of mind that you’re not also snacking on herbicides. We also love that they’re made without highly refined seed oils, and instead are made with 100% certified sustainable palm oil. 

Use code LIFTBOXFEB for 25% off your entire order. 

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New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13

Whether you’re heading out for a run, hitting the gym, or packing for a spring vacation, these versatile trainers are everything you need this spring. Incredibly cushioned and breathable yet supportive, they honestly feel like you’re walking on a cloud. From the weightroom to weekend brunch, they’ll quickly become the only shoe you want to wear. Available in men’s and women’s styles. 

Image credit: Fire Department Coffee

Fire Department Coffee Instant Coffee Protein Powder

This powerful blend of bold, delicious coffee and muscle-building protein is ready to

jumpstart your day or give you a midday boost. From pre-workout fuel to a quick pick-me-up, Fire Department Coffee’s Instant Coffee Protein Powder packs 225mg of natural caffeine and 20g of protein. It’s also free from sugar and soy, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of clean, 100% American-grown, plant-based upcycled barley rice protein and a boost of caffeine without any unnecessary ingredients. Best of all, your purchase goes toward FDC’s mission of giving back to sick and injured first responders.

For a limited time, get a FREE FDC Tumbler (a $29.99 value) with your purchase of Instant Coffee Protein Powder. Just use the code HEADLINES at checkout before February 15, 2024.

Image credit: The Lift Box

The Lift Box Monthly Subscription

This monthly fitness subscription box is the perfect option if your supplement cupboard needs a little spring cleaning, but you’re not sure where to start. Instead of trying out full-size products, The Lift Box allows you to sample everything from pre-workout and protein powders to CLAs and snack bars, so you can refresh your wellness routine with only the products you absolutely love. 

Image credit: Somavedic

Somavedic EMF Mitigation Device

This high-tech electromagnetic frequency (EMF) mitigation device is designed to help improve your sleep, give you more energy, and improve concentration. It does this by eliminating the influence of 5G, free radicals, and geopathic zones throughout your home, office, or anywhere you decide to plug it in. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance or biohack like Ben Greenfield, Somavedic’s tech is a great way to harmonize your body and mind this spring. 

Image credit: Crop Shop Boutique

Crop Shop Boutique Freedom Romy Crop 

Add a pop of color to your workout wardrobe with this Lucky Charm crop. Strappy back details and a lightweight, silky fabric make it the perfect addition to your next workout, yoga day, or hot girl walk once the weather warms up. Pair it with the Lucky Charm Freedom leggings to complete the ‘fit. 

Image credit: Skinnies

Skinnies Conquer SPF 50+

While you really should be wearing SPF year-round, it’s an essential come springtime when you start to take your workouts back outside. This sport-specific SPF from Skinnies is perfect for sport enthusiasts, as it won’t sting your eyes, is water-resistant, and is reef safe. We also love that it doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients; just pure, clean sun protection. 

Image credit: Amazon

Epsoak Sport Lavender Epsom Salts

From hikes to bike rides to longer walks and runs, warmer weather typically lends itself to more outdoor activities – but this can also leave your muscles feeling stiff and sore as you adjust. These lavender epsom salts help to soothe muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and detoxify your skin and body. From a hard day at the gym to aching feet, dissolve a few handfuls into a warm bath to restore your body. 

Image credit: Zero Foxtrot

Zero Foxtrot 9 Inch Shorts

Get your legs ready for spring with Zero Foxtrot’s 9-inch shorts. Made with a longer inseam, no annoying liner, and multiple zip pockets, these shorts are ready for the gym, outdoor sports, or just lounging at home as soon as the weather starts to warm up. 

Image credit: Amazon

3D Pedometer 

Taking more steps is the simplest way to add more movement to your daily routine with minimal investment. Whether you’re walking outdoors, on the treadmill, or just from your kitchen to your desk, athlete Marcus Filly recommends adding a pedometer to your list of must-have fitness tools so you can keep track of every step. Even something as simple as this one here can help you track how much you’re moving. 

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